We are

We are Spaceswamp. Tiny indie game house from Finland.

We are developing for PC and Mac. Currently we are planning to use Torque 2D engine for our games. We have also been trying out Torque X with Project Spacemelee, but probably won't be using it in future projects, because we want to be able to release for Mac.

Spaceswamp is:

Programmer Jussi Laasonen
Plays with: Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360, Windows Phone, Nintendo 3DS XL
See LinkedIn & blog.

Graphic designer Ville Laasonen
Plays with: mac, Xbox 360, iPhone
Favourites: Eschalon I & II, Beyond the good & evil HD, old adventure games
See portfolioblog & LinkedIn. At the moment I am seeking a daytime job.
edit: having a test period going on