Thursday, March 20, 2014

New project

We haven't had much ready yet but still keep making ideas for new games. Now we have something new to show.

We made Flappy Skimmer Ride with Construct 2 and it seemed to be a good way to make simple games. I wanted to make an iOS-game and Gamesalad seems to be better to that.

Skimmer game was inspired by Space Quest I but we had some other ideas too. Old 8 bit Nintendo had a game called Kid Icarus. It had it's idea from Creek mythology. I like scifi so I replaced wings with rockets. And there it was. Rocket Ikaros. It will be different type of game but that's how the idea came up.

And of course I first designed logo for it. I work in advertising agency and sometimes logo is what we have to start with. Colors were inspired by Kid Icarus too.

I also made some artwork for protagonist. It still needs some work. Different colors maybe? Hands look funny too.

Rocket Ikaros will be simple game but it has small story too. And unlikely many more games these days I wan't to have it end if played long enough. I'd like to have kind of relaxed atmosphere to game. Like Elton Johns Rocket man. But let's see what composer can do. He's quite busy at the moment.

There's already playable version but it's ugly and and needs lots of work. But I have a good feeling about this.

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