Sunday, July 31, 2011

GameSalad - easy game creating for mac, iOS and web?

I was reading my brothers gaming magazines and found interesting article about GameSalad Creator. It should be the easy way to create games for web and Apples platforms.
I am not a coder and it could be useful at least for practise so I downloaded it immediately I got back home.   It seems to have lots of ready templates for different games and many of them have tutorials. Unluckily I have to go back to work tomorrow but I'll have to spend some time with this.
Program is free to download and use but there is also Pro version with few more options. I don't have iOS developer account (yet?) so I'll have to stick with mac OS and web games. I have been planning to do maybe mini adventure or platformer by my own. Just to see how mechanics work. Time will show is there any other use for this.


  1. I made an adventure game for iPhone with GameSalad.

    The Lite version is available free:

  2. Looks quite nice and different than other games made with GameSalad I've seen.