Monday, May 23, 2011

Frogatto & Friends from Lost Pixel - 2D platformer for free!

Who has played Mario Bros, Giana Sisters and Commander Keen? Frogatto & Friends is new old school 2D platformer and it is free to download and play.

Frogatto is just like those old favourites we used to play. And you can play it with win, mac and linux computers for free. With iPhone you have to pay few bucks.
Frogatto has pixelated old school graphics and 16-bit like music and in this case it works quite well. Atmosphere is warm and nice. And at least on the beginning it does not feel too difficult like Return to Dark Castle I tried about a month ago. Playing that was really painful and I never got far.
I enjoy to play Frogatto and it could be good for kids too. And because it is free it is always worth of trying if you like 2D platformers. I played it with 13" MacBook Pro and it ran nicely like it should.

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